Sioux City Electronic Caregiver

Sioux City Electronic Caregiver partners with The Electronic Caregiver Company, a nationwide medical alert company that is now proudly serving Sioux City, Iowa. We provide home safety and health management services. We are always focusing on cutting edge technology, therefore our services are quite different from other companies. Tech forward thinking enables us to offer a higher quality customer experience and service.

Initially, our system was designed for the generation living active lives well into their retirement. However,  Electronic Caregiver is also giving peace to care givers caring for people of all ages and diagnosis. Our youngest client is three years old and our eldest is 102 years of age!


Sioux City Electronic Caregiver offers Unmatched Features, Unmatched Service, Unmatched Peace

The devices are modern and sleek. Especially relevant, the service expands beyond emergency response to provide daily health management. This includes medication management.

Crucial access to licensed EMT operators is always available 24/7. Our customers connect with an Emergency Medical Technician and eliminate those late night calls to loved ones or pharmacy visits.

They can be immediately connected to help if they experience any kind of discomfort. Our fully trained operators will stay on the line until such time as help verbally confirms they are with the patient in cases of an emergency. We never leave our customers alone, especially in a crisis.

Sioux City Electronic Caregiver is excited to present the ECG Premier Series


Medication Management

Electronic Caregiver is programmed with the customer’s medication and/or medical test schedule. Gentle chime reminders are acknowledged by customers at the push of a button. If a medication or appointment is missed, the ECG will notify responsible parties.

The wrist pendants are discreet, stylish and come in an assortment of colors. They provide one-touch access to emergency help. The wrist pendant looks like one of the latest fitness bands and it is comfortable.  It is also water submersible, enabling the user to wear it in the shower and the bathtub. The wearer never has to take it off especially in those ‘high fall risk” rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Electronic Caregiver Premier Pendants

The Ultimate Safety Net

Sioux City Electronic Caregiver offers an inactivity sensing unit which looks for movement in the environment. In the event that no movement is detected, responsible parties will be notified to check on the user. Thereby ensuring that alerts go out; especially if a customer may have lost consciousness or is otherwise be unable to reach their medical alert wrist pendant.

Packages are also available that include doctor on demand service, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensing units. These units contact Fire and EMS immediately when they detect a potential problem.

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Learn how Electronic Caregiver can provide peace of mind, protect the quality of life, and generate income for your business. Contact our Sioux City Master Dealer, Nancy Huseth, today.

Relief and Peace of Mind

At Sioux City Electronic Caregiver we included an inactivity sensing unit which looks for movement. In the event that no movement is detected, responsible parties will be notified to check on the user, thereby ensuring that alerts go out, This is significant, especially if a customer has lost consciousness or is otherwise unable to push their medical alert wrist pendent.

Packages are now also available that include an incredible doctor on demand service, pocketMD, which covers everyone in the home up to 7 people 24/7.

Check out all the Electronic Caregiver has to offer:

Caregiver relief and peace of mind

Electronic Caregiver medical alert systems provide much needed relief for tired family caregivers. With the comfort of knowing their loved ones are protected, family members can go about their day.  In the event of their loved ones’ medical emergency, they will be contacted immediately.

Home Health Agencies, Hospitals and Doctors love the Sioux City Electronic Caregiver medical alert system!

In conclusion, Home Health Agencies and Hospitals are a high priority for Sioux City Electronic Caregiver. We understand the responsibility of caring for your patients. We partner with agencies, hospitals, and individual health care providers all across the country.

Not only are health care providers offering protection to the clients they care about, they are also generating an ancillary income for their businesses through our Referral  and our Point of Sale programs.  No other medical alert company does this.

Sioux City Electronic Caregiver saves lives! Its what we do. And we do it better than any other system available. Period.



“Our mission is to preserve the independence and extend the life of the large population of people at risk of incident, incapacitation or death, due to the effects of physical challenges, disabilities, serious illness or aging. We empower seniors and those with serious health concerns with the ability to live at home. We also protect them from the often catastrophic consequences of unattended injuries.”
— Anthony Dohrmann, CEO